The Journey

A small price guide designed to highlight the 'start from' price for weddings I cover. As you can imagine every wedding is different and entails new and exciting ideas that reflect a bespoke quote on your desires and needs from me however this will give you a starting price from which we can build on and tailor to your needs.



I   T E L L   T H E   S T  O R Y    O F   P E O P L E   A N D   P L A C E S 



Let's tell your story, together, and lets start from the beginning. 



so let's tell your story like no one has told it before.

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In a world with billions of people, millions of lives and thousands of moments happening all at the same time, it is a privilege to capture the special moment in which you give yourself solely to another person. For me this is something I treasure and it comes across in my work.

To witness, experience and capture this is an honour and my life's work.

I only take a small amount of weddings each year in order to give myself whole heartedly to your story in the way you give yourselves to each other.

Travelling around the world with couples, documenting their story, is something I will never take for granted. The amazing places I’ve seen and the incredible people I have spent time with shape the way I work and motivate me to capture the essence of what’s important to you and the special place you have chosen for your story to continue.

Whether yours is a one day wedding in the Scottish Highlands or a 4 day desert adventure in Marrakech, I approach each day differently and eager to create something that will immerse you both in the experiences and moments of your celebration.

I don’t offer packages, no ‘in and out’ option; only a promise to deliver your beautiful unique story in the way it presents itself to me in the form of a 2-5 minute trailer and a 15-20 minute film. 


These prices are inclusive of full wedding day coverage edited into a 2-5 minute trailer and 15-20 minute feature film either offered in a digital or hard copy version.

For European and further destination weddings I also include a pre or post wedding couple shoot lasting up to one hour, this is optional.


UK:    £2,700 - €3,000 - $3,500

Europe:    £3,500 - €3,900 - $4,500

U.S.A./Asia:   £5,800 - €6,500 - $7,600


I like to work with you as a couple to tailor a package to your needs so please, if you have any further information or questions regarding an enquiry, head to the contact page to get in touch and together we can start to plan your journey together, your way.



These prices are subject to availability.