about me


I love to film love......

Shoot Me Now Films is headed by me (Daniel Armitage) a lover of all things love, fashion and wedding related.

A passion for old cinema, strawberry milkshake and Tiramisu.

I love to capture a special moment and then recreate it into a lasting memory, a legacy, in a cinematic, and sometimes unexpected way.

I draw from my love of old cinema to create wedding films that are naturally captured but with a cinematic feel and look.

I love to work with couples who want something different and out of the ordinary, capturing their day in an unexpected day, focusing on the people and places that matter.

Your wedding is a story waiting to be told, so let's tell it together.

After studying Film at University level, specialising in editing, I originally wanted to pursue a career in Film Trailers. 

I moved to America to follow my ambition only to find myself back home after a short while with a burning desire to film weddings, to this day I don't know why but something in my gut told me I could create something unique, cinematic and more immersive than traditional wedding videos.

I absolutely love to film couples who want something different, their story told in a creative, exciting and sometimes completely surprising way. I focus on the details of your day, the people, the places, the feel, the atmosphere rather than spending my time filming shoes, jewellery and dresses on walls that a photographer could photograph a lot better and a lot quicker than myself.

I love to document peoples stories because everyones is different and unique,

Your wedding is a story waiting to be told, so let's tell it together.