Wes Anderson - The Grand Budapest Hotel


Without knowing it both me and Wes have this absolute fascination with symmetry and leading lines. Framing people square on and using character movement to convey the movement of the story and time without actually, or hardly, moving the camera at all. 

I live by one rule:

capture movement still or move to capture stillness.

I think me and Wes have a bit of a connection that even I can't explain.


Cameron Crowe - We Bought A Zoo

This film is my absolute greatest film of all time, something people are shocked by when I tell them as they expect some critically acclaimed blockbuster or cult classic to be my favourite.

Well this is my greatest film of all time.

The music accompanied with the story and Cameron's use of stillness to create life and feeling into one of the most heartwarming stories ever brought to the screen inspires me to tell stories, stories that not necessary are out of this world or extraordinary but tell them in an extraordinary way that convey emotion of any kind.

If you have never watched this film I give you this challenge:

Watch this film and put yourself in Matt Damon's characters shoes and really think about what the character is going through and if by the end you are not reaching for the tissues you are made of strong stuff as this film gets me going every single time without fail, and this is why it is my favourite film of all time. Even though I watch it a lot and I mean a lot, it still makes me feel exactly the same every time without fail. If my wedding films even convey a fraction of the longevity and emotion that Crowe's film does, I will be a very happy man forever.

Cameron Crowe - We Bought A Zo

If you have watched any or many of my trailers you will notice the similarity between these two pieces of music from We Bought A Zoo. They convey emotion and storytelling, a real cinematic and inspirational soundtrack that gets your mind racing with visuals, you can't help but be inspired to create when listening to these pieces.