// Jess + Sepand | Wedderburn Barns, Scotland //

Wedderburn Barns Wedding - Scotland Wedding Videographer

What made you choose your Wedderburn Barns as your venue:

We wanted a legally binding humanist ceremony which meant getting married in Scotland (as they aren't legal in england yet) and we knew we wanted somewhere quite informal and natural with lots of stone and woodland and natural things. Sep also really loved the castle so it was nice to have both.

What made you choose Shoot Me Now Films to document your day:

We found your website through Helens website, and really loved the naturalistic style, the way the each film you had made seemed like a unique reflection of a special day and seemed to capture something of the people involved. We thought that they were more than just beautifully shot, they seemed to tell the story of each couple and each day and we loved the idea of having something like that to remember our wedding day.

What do you guys do?, what is important in life to you? How do you spend your days?:

Sep is a manager within a wholesale company and Jess is a psychotherapist. Our days are mostly spent working, but when we have free time we like to go out on walks in nature with Rupert our dog, eat nice meals or watch films and tv together of an evening. In terms of what seems important to us in life, we want to try to provide a happy and loving environment for those around us, and to find this for ourselves.

The proposal, how did it happen, what is the story:

We got engaged in Canada on Athabasca Glacier after being together for around 8 years. Sep booked us a surprise holiday and popped the question out on the ice, after an amazing trip seeing bears, and beautiful scenery.

What kind of experience did you want for your guests from your wedding:

We wanted to create a meaningful but informal and relaxed day that our guests felt an integral part of.

Venue: Wedderburn Barns
Photographer: Helen Russel Photogrpahy
Videographer: Shoot Me Now Films