// Ben + Vijay | The NED, London //

The NED Wedding - London Wedding Videographer

What made you choose The NED as your venue?

The amazing, stunning decor. The Ned is a great venue where they have kept many of the original features. We

What made you choose Shoot ME Now Films to document your day?

We loved your website and the videos that you have created before, overtime Ben watches it he cries! We love the style of the photography and how you have caught us in all our glory!

What do you guys do?, what is important in life to you? Hoe do you spend your days?

We both have full on jobs, Ben works in IT and is constantly working out problems, he has lots of hobbies that help him relax, he plays the ukulele and does musical improvisation comedy. Vijay is an Orthoptist and is currently undertaking a PhD, he also has lots of hobbies, we both do circus training in the form of trapeze and doubles acrobatics, this mutual hobby helps us to connect and makes sure we are always developing together. Oh and we live on a boat!

The proposal, how did it happen, what is the story.

Here is a link to the blog about the proposal! http://www.guyslikeu.com/my-story/romantic-puppet-proposal/

What kind of experience did you want for your guests from your wedding.

FUN! we wanted our guests to be suitably entertained, well fed and looked after. How we would want to be treated. We wanted it to be casual and relaxed. We wanted our guests to say "ah this so Ben and Vij!"

Venue: The NED
Photographer: Matt Parry Photography Videorapher: Shoot Me Now Films