// Chloe + Adam | Old Billingsgate, London //

Old Billingsgate Wedding - London Wedding Videographer

What made you choose Old Billinsgate in London as your venue?

The high ceilings, the views, the location, the space, the history! What else could you want!

What made you choose Shoot Me Now Films to document your day

Firstly Dan’s persona was an absolute dream to be around on the day and in preparation! You just want to work with someone in the lead up and during your wedding that you trust entirely and can let go and enjoy the day! Secondly the previous films I’ve seen were absolute beautiful, well crafted, clever and unique! I knew that Dan would be able to document the day in all it’s intricate and unique glory!

What do you guys do?, what is important in life to you? How do you spend your days?

We’re filmmakers and photographers ! We spend most of our days between London and New York traveling and trying to be some version of adult!

The proposal, how did it happen, what is the story?

It was on the beach where we met/had our first date in Tel Aviv! It was quiet and peaceful and wholesome, just us under the stars!

What kind of experience did you want for your guests from your wedding?

We wanted an absolutely sweaty rave and for everyone to be shoeless and make up less, drunk and bedraggled by the end of the night, ourselves included! Fortunately or unfortunately for us we achieved this after the first set of dancing before main course so apologies for the sweaty footage Dan, you made the most of the madness! Xx

Planner: Cole-Events
Photogrpaher: The Crawleys
Videographer: Shoot Me Now Films
Venue: Old Billingsgate