// Jaslene + Shuja | Le Palais Paysan, Marrakech, Morocco //

Le Palais Paysan Wedding - Marrakech Wedding Videographer

What made you choose Le Palais Paysan as your wedding venue?

We visited 1-2 venues in the UK but we'd pretty much already decided we wanted to do it abroad before we started looking; we wanted somewhere convenient enough for everyone to get to and Marrakech seemed to fit the bill... plus the wedding venues we'd researched there looked beautiful. We visited many different venues in Marrakech but we fell in love with Le Palais Paysan as soon we saw it; the journey getting there before the breathtaking view was all part of the draw. Once we'd spent the day there, it was difficult to even consider anywhere else.

What made you choose Shoot Me Now Films to document your wedding?

The films are so much more personal than some of other ones we'd seen and that's exactly what we wanted in our film; a film that captured the moments in a unique way. Plus we clicked with Dan straight away and knew we were in good hands as soon as we had our first skype call with him; even our guests commented on how much of a nice guy he was.

What do you both do for a living? what is important in life to you and how do you spend your days?

Jas works in marketing and Shuj owns his own business so we both have pretty intense schedules but we always make sure that we get in as much time together as possible in between work and our own individual bits we have going on. We love to travel so are always booking trips away so we have something to look forward to and living in London, we're never at a loss for something new to do. Our family and friends are super important to us both too so we'll always try and organise get togethers as often as possible.

The proposal, how did it happen? what is the story?

Shuj organised a surprise birthday trip to Barcelona - he'd organised all my favourite things to do. Things didn't quite go to plan as I was too tired to walk up to the top of the steps of the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya , overlooking the fountains which is where he proposed on our last night there. I did wonder why he was so eager for us to walk all the way up! It was perfect.

What kind of experience did you want your guests to have from your wedding?

We wanted a really relaxed and informal weekend for our closest friends and family; given the location, we kept all our events to the evening so that everyone could spend their days enjoying their holiday and experiencing Marrakech. As well as incorporating some of our traditions, we wanted to infuse some Moroccan elements into things too; we hosted one of the nights in a really old riad, right in the heart of the medina which was probably one of our favourite evenings of the entire 3 days. The best part about having a few different events was that by the time the wedding day came around, everyone knew each other on both sides of the family, making the day that much more special.

Venue: Le Palais Paysan
Photographer: Colin Ross
Second Photographer: Nigel Hayward
Videographer: Shoot Me Now Films