// Melissa + Paul | la Chevre D'Or, Eze, French Riviera, France //

La Chevre D'Or Wedding - Monico Wedding Videographer

What made you choose Le Chevre D'or your venue?

The first year that we were dating, we had an extraordinary week in Southern France. We dined in both Michelin Star restaurants in Eze, Chateau Eza, and Chèvre d'Or. We both felt it was a truly magical place.

What made you choose Shoot Me Now Films to document your day?

Helen Russell initially recommended you to us, and then we viewed your films. We love the emotion and story that you communicate to viewers, in particular, your films capture the essence of a destination wedding.

What do you guys do?, what is important in life to you? Hoe do you spend your days?

Melissa is attending school to become a clinical psychologist, and Paul uses his own experiences to help others recover from substance use disorder. We both work quite hard and spend a lot of our days deriving purpose and meaning through the work that we do. For Melissa, this can happen by supporting a classmate, gaining new information from an advisor in her fieldwork, or learning further details in the classroom. Paul derives meaning from helping others believe that they can have a good life free from drugs and alcohol. In a nutshell, we both hope to carry a message to others by connecting and sharing, as well as growing and expanding to have new experiences and attain more knowledge. Paul also has a passion for good food, and we both can often be found walking our beloved labradoodle, Finley, to a restaurant in the evening.

The proposal, how did it happen, what is the story?

Paul took Melissa to London and popped the question where time essentially has begun and ended for years, the Prime Meridian. He thought it would be the perfect place to start "our time together." For more: http://www.paul-melissa.com/#misc

What kind of experience did you want for your guests from your wedding?

We wanted our guests to share in the joy that we have for each other. We wanted them to experience the magic of Southern France and the love that we have for the food, the culture, and the beauty. We wanted everyone to focus on what was important, which was the time and joy we all had together.

Planner: Avalon Events
Photographer: Helen Russell Photography
Videographer: Shoot Me Now Films
Venue: Le Chevre D'or