// Sarah + Jacob | Doxford Barns, Northumberland //

Doxford Barns Wedding - Northumberland Wedding Videographer

What made you choose Doxford Barns as your venue?

We were looking for a venue that was intimate but also somewhere we could picture our guests having fun. When we first walked into the Threshing Hall we were blown away and could not believe how beautiful it was. We knew our family would love staying in the cottages and the decorations were already so stunning we knew that around Christmas it would look incredible. We were also so impressed by the staff and how knowledgeable and accommodating they were even on the first visit, so we knew that we would be well taken care of.

What made you choose Shoot Ne Now Films to document your day?

After researching videographers on the internet, we'd narrowed it down to Dan and someone else. After watching a couple of videos of each, we were both in floods at every single one of Dan's videos. The fact that he could evoke so much emotion in every video meant we knew we had to have him. That plus I'd researched that he'd worked with our photographer once before and had previous knowledge of the venue, so it was a no-brainer for us.

What do you guys do?, what is important in life to you? Hoe do you spend your days?

Jacob works in insurance in the city in London, and I work as an Account Manager for an online technology company. After being in the office all day, we both enjoy keeping fit and active by going to the gym and I also play netball. Our weekends are spent with friends and usually in the pub!

The proposal, how did it happen, what is the story.

We were in California for a friend's wedding and decided to make a road trip of it, driving down the coast and also going to Yosemite National Park. The trip coincided with our relationship anniversary and we had been together for 5 years. We were up at the crack of dawn to drive into Yosemite and do a 6 hour hike up a mountain. It was red hot, both of us feeling unfit from over-indulging all holiday, but were determined to keep going, especially as Jacob kept telling me "it will be worth it at the top". Once we made it, I stood on a rock to take in the view, and turned around to find Jacob on one knee. It was incredibly romantic, and he'd even snuck a bottle of champagne in his rucksack to celebrate!

What kind of experience did you want for your guests from your wedding?

The most important thing for us from our wedding day was to ensure everyone had fun, had enough to eat and drink and were taken care of. We made sure that coaches took everyone to and from their hotel so that nobody had to arrange taxis or drive, we had plenty of food throughout the day and we had a great band who got everybody on the dance floor. As long as everyone had as much fun as we did, then I think it was a success!

Venue: Doxford Barns

Photogrpaher: From The Smiths Photogrpahy

Videographer: Shoot Me Now Films