// Rebecca + Mark | Brooklyn Winery, New York //

Brooklyn Winery Wedding - New York Wedding Videographer

What made you choose Brooklyn Winery as your venue?

Our venue was a great representation of New York City--industrial and tough at first glance but romantic and flourishing once you dig deeper! The venue had a great team on board to help with the planning and day-of procedures. A wonderful events team helped us along the way to create a cohesive vision and plan a thorough event. They provide a day-of coordinator to help work out all the kinks and to keep things moving smoothly on the big day and they offer a fantastic culinary team. The FOOD at Brooklyn Winery is beyond amazing, guests raved about their dining experiences and the whole cozy, warm vibe of the day.

What made you choose Shoot Me Now Films to document your day?

Daniel was recommended to us by our photographer, Sebastien Boudout. We have such great affection for and trust in Seb that we were sure we had to go with Daniel. After watching a few Shoot Me Now Films, we were hooked. Daniel truly captures the spirit and feeling of the day, highlighting emotions and special moments. He is a master of his craft. He shoots unique angles and unique shots that no-one else thinks of. His videos don't look like the monotonous "wedding videos" we are used to seeing. His films look like mini feature films that encapsulate the vibe of the couple. He is definitely going to shake up the industry with this style!

What do you guys do?, what is important in life to you? Hoe do you spend your days?

I am a clinical social worker, I work with teenagers in a school setting in regards to their social and emotional health. My husband is a web developer. He works with both fledgling and well developed brands to develop their web presence. We spend our days mostly together, exploring NYC, planning future adventures, exercising our dog, Izzy and hanging out with friends. Friends play a major role in our lives.

The proposal, how did it happen, what is the story?

Mark and I met in the NYC subway! We felt as though we knew one another upon first glance. Turns out we did! Mark approached me to introduce himself as there was a strong magnetism between us. As we got to talking we realized we had gone to the same High School and had "heard" of each other but had never met. It was truly a match made in heaven, our own little meet-cute

What kind of experience did you want for your guests from your wedding?

We wanted our guests to feel comfortable, as though they were at a dinner party with friends new and old. We wanted our guests to eat, drink, laugh and dance in a space that felt warm and cozy. Brooklyn Winery events follow a specific pattern-- dinner is served french & family style first, in a separate space away from the dance floor. Guests are able to enjoy their food and get into meaningful conversation. Dinner is followed by a killer dance party that lasts 2 hours or so. We felt that this order was perfect for us, as everyone got to focus on and enjoy each separate part of the evening. By the time the band came on, everyone was ready to party!!!!!

Venue: Brooklyn Winery
Photographer: Sebastien Boudot
Videographer: Shoot Me Now Films