// Jaclyn + Vaughan | Blackfriars, Newcastle //

Blackfriars Wedding - Newcastle Wedding Videographer

What made you choose Blackfriars as the venue for your wedding?

The Church we were married in was where my parents were married and Blackfriars was where me and Vaughan had our first proper date.

Why did you choose Shoot Me Now Films to film your wedding?

Because we wouldn't have wanted anyone else! Your eye for detail, the moments you capture, the way you put everyone at ease (to name but a few of the endless reasons)

What do you guys do for a living? What’s important in life to you. How do you spend your days?

I'm a secondary school teacher and Vaughan is a technical architect. What's important in life to us is each other, our family (we are both lucky to have fantastic ones) and making memories for the future. We spend our days watching endless cooking shows, convincing ourselves we can do better, then ending up ordering takeaway.

The proposal, how did it happen?

We had gone to Jesmond Dene House for my birthday and Vaughan surprised me when we got back to our room. This was the same room we later stayed in on our wedding night (Vaughan had organised this as another surprise for me)

What type of experience did you want for you guests at your wedding.

We wanted an intimate, close knit wedding where everyone felt welcomed and where each guest was a central part of our day, as they are all a special part of our everyday lives and we wanted our wedding to reflect that.

Photogrpaher: Helen Russell Photography
Videographer: Shoot Me Now Films
Venue: Blackfriars Newcastle