// Yan + Manuel | Areias do Seixo hotel, Portugal //

Areias do Seixo Hotel Wedding - Portugal Wedding videographer

What made you choose Areias do Seixo as the venue for your wedding?

As yoga teachers, we wanted somewhere that was nature inspired, eco-friendly and yet stylish and luxurious to make it worth it as a destination wedding for friends making the trip from all corners of the globe. The design and philosophy of Areias do Seixo fit our criteria.

Why did you choose Shoot Me Now Films to document your wedding?

You were the only wedding videographer that had videos in your website that moved me emotionally to tears. Which is pretty hard to do watching wedding videos of complete strangers is usually a bore. Even watching wedding videos of friends is usually a chore. Which made you my only choice. Despite having every vendor sourced locally within Portugal, you were the only person we had hired in the wedding that we flew in, and the best decision made.

What do you guys do for a living, whats important in life to you, how do you spend your days?

We both run a yoga studio in KL, Malaysia and teach together there. Having a meaningful life where we constantly strive to do good and increase awareness within ourselves and others is very important to us. On a typical day we wake up at 5.30am to teach yoga everyday at 6.30am until 10am, we both practice our own yoga practice for 2 hours after, have a meal, rest/and or do errands and back again to teach from 6pm to 8pm, and usually in bed by 9.30pm. We return to India, where we met, annually to practice yoga with our yoga guru, whom conducted our wedding ceremony, despite never having even attended a wedding outside India in his life.

The proposal, how did it happen, the details?

On one of these annual trips to India, I had just completed 2 months of practice, and was due to fly back in 2 days. Manuel was meant to fly in the same day to commence his 2 months of practice, and we would have crossed in the air and did not plan to overlap. He had secretly arranged to fly in a day earlier, and after my last practice I was walking back to my house in India at 5am and saw a dodgy shadow of a man lurking in my doorway. I realised it was Manuel, gave him a big hug, and he got down on one knee. Before he even started his speech I screamed “Yes Yes!”. It was in this exact same doorway that we first met 4.5yrs before. An hour later, after the excitement, I gave him the chance to say the words he had been practicing for a month that he didn’t get to say when he got down on bended knee. :P

What experience did you want your guests to have from your wedding day?

We both knew the one thing we didn’t want was something uptight and formal, that just isn’t us. We tried to do everything from the heart as opposed to protocol. The idea was to create a relaxed, fun, honest, true atmosphere of love where all the relationships in attendance were valued. Most of the guests attending were freespirit travellers, the bridal couple met in India, the ceremony was an unscripted spiritual one from a yoga guru, both mother and father was to walk down the aisle … a boho hippie chic wedding.

Venue: Areias do Seixo Hotel
Photogrpaher: Rodrigo Silva
Videographer: Shoot Me Now Films